Podcast: Slack Attack! #2

Scritto da il 12 Maggio 2018

Ecco il podcast della seconda puntata della trasmissione Slack Attack! andata in onda lunedì 07/05/18.
Ospite Joe Riviera.

  1. Sigla: A smile and a ribbon by PATIENCE AND PRUDENCE
  2. Public Animal by ALICE COOPER
  3. Rock’n roll pt. 2 by GARY GLITTER
  4. what I like about you by ROMANTICS
  5. The wait by KILLING JOKE
  6. Answering Machine by REPLACEMENTS
  7. September Girls by BIG STAR
  8. Don’t cry (just suck) by W.A.S.P.
  9. Hazey Jane I by NICK DRAKE
  10. Old Lake by BLIND SHAKE
  11. Are you boogieing around your daddy by WILDCHERRY
  12. Graceland by PAUL SIMON
  13. Emerald green by CHOW
  14. Dancing on your grave by MOTORHEAD
  15. these important years by HUSKER DU
  16. Mess me up by TEENGENERATE
  17. Fuck the middle east by S.O.D.
  18. Motorcycle emptiness by MANIC STREET PREACHERS
  19. No butter for my bread by OBLIVIANS
  20. Sottofondo: Bad to the bone by GEORGE THOROGOOD

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